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Inspiring examples from Belgium - Flanders

Single family house in the city of Antwerp - new building - low energy consumption: K-value: 18; E-value: 29

Pictures copyright: Bianca Smet
This compact house in the city has a flexible plan with one fixed core. It is a fully attached house in a small alley and it is built with a uniform wooden wall covering. The house is a low impact building: it combines bio-ecological construction with a very low energy use. The house is south oriented and has a nice small city garden.

Single family house in Brussels - refurbishment - Energy consumption: 27 kWh/m2 year

Pictures copyright: Loik Dal Molin
An energy efficient city house with bio-ecological building materials. The special character of the facade is maintained by insulating from the inside. Basic techniques are used that can be copied to any house: a condensing boiler in combination with a solar water heater heats the house and the sanitary water. The double flux ventilation system with heat recovery ensures clean and warm indoor air. The house owners aimed at getting a very low ecological footprint. They carefully picked the location of their house so they don't need a car. They have plenty of public transport and shops nearby. 

Multiflat appartment building - renovation of an appartment - Energy consumption: 21 kWh/m2 year

Pictures copyright: Horia Bali

This appartment from 1964 was renovated in 2010 to passive house standards by a box-in-box construction. Pros of the appartment are the good orientation, maximum use of sunlight, good acoustics and a nice panoramic view from the 9th level. Living in the city also has huge benefits. The architect used internal insulation into a timber construction. Change of doors and windows to a higher performance.  Improvement of airtightness and reduction of thermal bridges. Ventilation system type D with heat recovery. More information in English >>>

Passive school - new building - Energy consumption: 15 kWh/m2 year

Pictures copyright: evr-architects
The first Flemish passive school consists of a two storey building with nine classes for in total 200 toddlers and a common multipurpose area. The classes all The building is very compact and uses a limited amount of ground space so the green surrounding park area is maintained. The school will use 75% less anergy than a normal Flemish school. The total budget was € 453.408.

Single family house - straw bale construction - low energy consumption: K-value: 21

Pictures copyright: Liesbeth Cornelis
This house won the Belgian energuy award as the first ecological passive straw bale house in Belgium. The house has PV panels (10 kWH) and a green roof. A lot of glass elements and open staircaes let the natural light penetrate deep into the house. Cellulose and cork were used as insulation materials. The strawbale walls got a finishing cover of clay. A heat exchanging ventilation system is in place.