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EU challenge

Nearly Zero Energy Buildings will be the European standard in 2021.

The EU legislation challenges European citizens and public authorities. By 1 January 2019 every new public building will have to comply with the nearly zero energy building requirements, all other new buildings will comply with the new requirements two years later.

Read more on the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the definition of a Nearly Zero Energy Building >>>

The challenge is big, but it can be done! Forerunners from all over Europe are showing us the way.

There are already many inspiring nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs) all over Europe.

Come and learn from their experiences. Visit today the buildings of tomorrow.

NZEB Open Doors Days are organised in Austria, Belgium-Flanders, Belgium-Wallonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden in fall 2013 and 2014. You can visit more than 900 state of the art exemplary buildings and get non-commercial hands-on-experience with nearly zero energy buildings – sharing living, working and building experiences of the owners and builders.

Visit our international campaign website >>>