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About the campaign

The NZEB Open Doors Days campaign wants to give hands-on-experience with nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB) to the broad public and public authorities and to convince them the EPBD (European Energy Performance Directive) challenge can be met.

The recast of the EPBD directive (2010/31/EU) will challenge European citizens and public authorities. By 1 January 2019 every new public building will have to comply with the nearly zero energy building requirements, all other new buildings will comply with the new requirements two years later.

We will organise doors open days in 10 EU countries in November 2013 and 2014. During these events both public and private actors can visit new and refurbished houses and public buildings, highlighting nearly zero energy standards. Between 900 and 1.250 exemplary buildings will be participating.

The central idea of a Doors Open Day is that visitors will get non-commercial hands-on-experience with nearly zero energy buildings. During a visit, you will get to know the living, working and building experiences of the owners and builders.

Each partner will set up a national web platform to acquire buildings for the Open Doors Days, to organise subscriptions and to give both general and specific information on NZEB’s and the EPBD requirements. We will show the EU challenge and many inspiring examples of NZEB’s. We will also develop a set of mini-documentaries showing energy efficient solutions from all over Europe and visualising the common European goal of the EPBD.

Five international visits of carefully selected opinion makers to NZEB’s will be organised between countries. We will disseminate their experiences broadly.